stressful situations

Working in Japan

Packed trains, long hours, crushing deadlines. Without a doubt, working in Tokyo can be tough, especially if you are also trying to adapt to Japanese culture. Those who are new to the country often worry about language and cultural gaffes, while long-term residents sometimes wonder if they will ever truly fit in. Moving here for a loved one’s job can be equally challenging. When your partner’s hectic work schedule cuts into family time, it is easy to feel lonely, left out, and overwhelmed by responsibilities at home.

Whatever the source of your stress, holistic counseling offers many ways to relax without giving up the benefits of a fast-paced career. Difficulties are inevitable when you live and work abroad, but it is possible to turn daily obstacles into opportunities to thrive. Whether you are here for a short while, or the rest of your life, I look forward to helping you make the most of your time in Japan.

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5月 23, 2021