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For whom?

Hi! I’m aki, a holistic counselor who helps people flourish in Tokyo.

I have worked with many people over 15 years of my career.
Some of the cases I have worked on are;

  • A relief from a traumatic memory of being raped: “I shouldn’t have gone there.”
  • Panic Disorder: “I can’t go outside!”
  • Unresolved pain with Mother, Father, and Siblings: “My mother shouldn’t complain.” “My father hates me.” “My sister shouldn’t force her opinion on me.” “My brother shouldn’t have died.” “My mother doesn’t love me.” “My mother is selfish.” “My mother controls me.” “I’m ashamed of my parents.” and many more!
  • Freedom from fear of insects: “Cicadas shouldn’t fly!”
  • Stress around Parenting: “I’m not a good mother.” “My son is selfish.” “My son shouldn’t play game so much.” “
  • Money Stress: “I need more money.” “I can’t make money.” “I’m not good enough.” “I don’t know how to make money.”
  • Irritation on your Partner: “He should take care of children more.” “I don’t want to have sex with him.” “My husband is cruel.” “I should leave him.”
  • Work place Stress: “I’m not good enough.” “I don’t know what to do.” “Others are more successful.” “I shouldn’t rest.”
  • Heart Break: “My girl friend shouldn’t have left me.” “My husband shouldn’t cheat on me.”
  • Friends: “She shouldn’t give me advice.” “She should appreciate more.”
  • Procrastination: “I don’t want to make a mistake.” “My body is heavy.”
  • Low Self-esteem: “I’m not normal.” “I’m different.” “I don’t belong.” “I’m incapable.” “People don’t want to be with me.” “I need to prove myself.” and many more!
  • Honest No.
  • Addiction: food, coffee, desert, self attack
  • Depression, Insomnia,
  • Shoulder Pain, Relief from breathing issue, tooth pain

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