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Toothache and Saying No

Session Theme:  Toothache
Applied Technique:  0 ishiki healing, The Work of Byron Katie
This session started from healing her toothache, then the session naturally flow into The Work of Byron Katie session. We found a  16-year old girl crying and waiting for adult her to recognize her wanting to say no.

It was a beautiful session.  And She later sent me two separate messages.
I would like to share them with you!

Hi Aki. How are you? Well… what an experience the other day.   When you said so quietly and gently “so many emotions” I let go. I saw myself at 16 saying “NO” to my parents and it was liberating.   And then with the work on top wow… if I say no I will lose my stability. Wow. And I thought about it all again later and cried and cried and cried but it was just so needed. So bottled up.   I went to see the surgeon and I have an appointment on Tuesday to have the tooth removed and I’m not even nervous. I feel so calm. So sure of myself. Thank you so much Aki.   I feel so much more grounded. Thank you!! ❤️

Hi Aki how are you? How’s life going for you? I had my surgery yesterday.   I feel very different since we met last week and I can’t begin to tell you how grateful i am that we were able to connect.   That whole session around not saying No, has helped me to grow up. I feel truly adult and capable, fearless. It’s incredible.   And I walked into the dentist surgery with calm and confidence and laughter and love and it went so well and I’ve been feeling amazing.   Thank you Aki!

Shoulder Pain

5月 29, 2021