Session Flow

Beautiful flowing purple watercolor flower

I have a unique approach to counseling that combines traditional, client-centered therapy with holistic techniques that focus on redirecting mental and emotional awareness and correcting energy imbalances within the body.

While each session is tailored to your individual needs, a session will generally follow a three-part flow. We will begin by talking about what is bothering you. It may be a specific problem that you can articulate immediately. Or, it might be an unpleasant feeling or physical symptom, like headaches or insomnia, the source of which will require more time to identify. Speaking honestly about long-held fears and anxieties can be a power therapy in itself.

Sometimes, simply talking might be enough for one session. However, if appropriate, I will continue by addressing your problem using one or more holistic therapies. We might focus on one specific technique, such as The Work. Or we may try a combination of techniques, such as kinesiology, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and aromatherapy. Regardless of the approach, I will strive to make the experience both relaxing and productive.

We will conclude by summarizing what we have done throughout the session. Summarizing allows you to feel the progress you have made and reinforces how you can maintain this progress after the session. My goal is not to make you feel dependent on my sessions in order to deal with your problems. Instead, I want to give you the tools to create your own peace and well-being and wherever else life may take you. Read more about the techniques I use.