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Healthy relationships take work no matter where you are, but living abroad can create extra challenges. This is especially true In Tokyo, where time, money, and patience always seem in short supply. Add the stress of adjusting to a new culture, and minor grievances can quickly turn into lasting anger and resentment.

Holistic counseling can help you move past the anger in any relationship by healing the most important relationship of all: the one you have with yourself. When it comes to love, we often cling to an image of what should be instead of accepting what is. Any failure by family, friends, or even strangers, to meet our expectations, however small, is interpreted as a reflection of our self worth. We end up feeling hurt, bitter, and perpetually disappointed.

By examining the thoughts behind the pain, I can show you how letting go of the “shoulds” can free you to love each moment by finding happiness within yourself. I look forward to helping you discover this possibility.

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5月 22, 2021


5月 23, 2021