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Kinesiology (Touch For Health)

Not to be confused with the general term kinesiology, the study of human movement,
holistic kinesiology is a therapy that uses muscle testing to identify imbalances in the body’s energy circuits, or meridians.

When the body is balanced, communication between the brain and muscles occurs without interruption. However, when the body is stressed, communication becomes disrupted, causing certain muscles to weaken.
Stress can take many forms, including physical, chemical, electrical, and emotional.

Kinesiology can be used to pinpoint which kind of stress is causing the muscle weakness.
It can also serve as a healing tool once the source of stress has been identified.

How is it used in my practice?

In my practice, kinesiology starts with a demonstration of how stress weakens muscles by interfering with our energy pathways. First, I will ask you to hold your arm out perpendicular to your body while I push down firmly on your forearm. Because stress has not yet been introduced to the exercise, most people have no trouble resisting back and keeping the arm perpendicular.

On my second attempt, I will push down on your forearm again, only this time, I will also use my fingertips to apply light pressure between your eyes. Touching between the eyes generates stress, which weakens the muscles and makes it easy for me to overpower the outstretched arm. With this general understanding of the mind-body connection in place, the arm test can be used in various ways to address your specific concerns.

Aside from its diagnostic and therapeutic applications, I use kinesiology because it reveals the truth.
A client might verbally express readiness to address a problem, but applying the arm test may demonstrate otherwise.
In such cases, kinesiology is an excellent tool for helping people realize how their conscious awareness and subconscious awareness can be totally different.

Because the body speaks first through energy imbalances, kinesiology also helps clients talk more openly about difficult issues, thereby facilitating the healing process.

I use aromatherapy to clear the energy disruption.

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5月 24, 2021