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EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Sometimes referred to as “tapping,” Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) neutralizes negative emotions by correcting disruptions in the body’s energy circuits, or meridians.
The Chinese concept of meridians has been used for centuries to address physical ailments through acupuncture.
EFT focuses on the same points on the body as acupuncture, except tapping with the fingertips is used place of needles.

The process is simple and gentle. Because EFT links the cause of negative emotions to energy disruptions, rather than past traumas, you will not need to dwell on unpleasant memories during a session.
Instead, you will be asked to focus briefly on your unwanted emotion while I tap on various points on your body, such as the top of your head, around your eyes, and at the center of your collar bone.
As I tap, you will feel an immediate release of the emotion. Often, I combine EFT with other techniques, like kinesiology or aromatherapy, for even better results.
If appropriate, I may also use Matrix Reimprinting, a technique created by Karl Dawson, which allows me to do EFT on the inner child.

EFT is a valuable tool for treating pain, disease, and emotional trauma, but that is not the only reason I use it.
I use EFT because it creates calm in times of great stress.
When we become overwhelmed by our emotions, EFT brings us back to ourselves again.
As a result, we are able to see reality more clearly and understand how we reacted based on our biased beliefs.
By truly feeling, accepting, and understanding our own unpleasant emotions, we can find peace during difficult situations.

Two other great advantages of EFT are that it is easy to learn and requires no special equipment.
Once you become familiar with the technique, you can use it nearly anytime and anywhere you need to experience healing.

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5月 25, 2021