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0 ishiki Healing

This is the most recent technique I added to my therapy tools in 2021.

This healing saved me from a physical struggle caused by anxiety.  In my mid-forties, I experienced an unexpected divorce. All the financial pressure I felt was huge. Then menopause hit me and I experienced a terrible depression.  

When I was in the middle of anxiety, I could not breathe well.  My brain was covered by fogs.  
I could not find any hope in future.  All I could do was to cry.  

I often heard a voice from somewhere.  It said “You’d better disappear.”  
I cried and cried feeling failed in life.  


Then someone using this healing modality came along and took some excessive energy out from me.  Immediately, I felt a relief.  My body got relaxed.  

I knew some friends who were experiencing a similar struggle.  
I decided to learn this modality so that I can support you from physical side.  


0 ishiki healing was born in Japan.  It is a fairly new technique with history of 15 years.  Osamu Fujishiro, a founder of this healing, does not have any special spiritual ability and yet found a way to balance the energy to the level of 0.  0 means not having any answer, being open to life.  0 means equality. 

In 0 ishiki healing, too much positivity or negativity is considered to be harmful.  It brings difference in your physical and emotional pain by removing excessive positive and negative energy from your body and soul.

This healing can be used for many symptoms such as shoulder pain, insomnia, breathing issue, animal healing, depression, losing weight and many more.

Here is a video I worked on shoulder pain.


I find it very powerful when I combine this healing technique with other modalities like The Work of Byron Katie.  


You can read some testimonials here.  

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This is a healing se Read more



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